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More often than not, BACIPIX gets to interview folks that rarely, if ever, have appeared in a formal video interview. That is absolutely fine and I enjoy working with first-timers just as much as seasoned pros. Here are a few guidelines that can help make the experience the best it can be, and assist you in getting ready for your closeup!

  • - Please relax. Your comments do not have to be perfect the first time. BACIPIX interviews are conducted in an informal and casual way that puts everyone at ease. Even the professionals record multiple "takes" to get something right. This is standard procedure and simply no big deal.

  • - DO NOT WRITE A SCRIPT. Sometimes an interviewee will want to read prepared comments on camera. While some preparation is good, it is better to make an outline to prompt your memory, or bring notes as a reference for a more conversational style. The camera is unforgiving when it comes to messages that are read or memorized. 


  • - When deciding what to wear, please avoid high contrast colors like a white shirt and black coat. In general, white should be avoided, as well as very fine stripes and small repeating patterns like checks, because they present problems for the camera. Pastels and earthtones are great colors for video.


  • - Less is more when it comes to jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets make noise when they move or hit objects like table tops, which the microphone will pick up, and that will distract from what you are saying.


  • Video is a very powerful medium and I hope you will enjoy making it work to meet your needs just as much as I do!

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