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Emmy Award-winning focus on Community, Environment and Social Justice

BACIPIX (short for "Bacigalupi Words & Pictures")

is me, Rick Bacigalupi, when I am not serving as senior staff producer at NorCal Public Media.  I am an Emmy Award-winning independent producer, cameraperson and editor with over 20 years experience in broadcast TV, corporate video and video for nonprofits. 


BACIPIX crafts quality, affordable stories that leave audiences motivated and inspired, including

   - Video for the Web

  • - Keynote event presentations

  • - Fundraising and promotional programs

  • - Educational videos

  • - Public Service Announcements for TV

  • - Full-length shows for broadcast

  • - Documentary features

BACIPIX fills a very specific niche. My clients value a seasoned, professional approach but are often working with limited funds for production. I bring industry experience to projects with budgets more modest than many larger video companies can take on. The result is an engaging grassroots style that prioritizes authenticity and integrity over flash. BACIPIX work exudes heart.

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