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Web Video
Web video is fast becom­ing the most re­quested BACIPIX offer­ing. Clients such as Bay Nature mag­azine, Friends of the San Francisco Public Library and many others are using our Web–ready videos to reach the online audience.
Nonprofit Promotional Videos
BACIPIX uses video as a powerful tool to get the word out about the worth­while services organ­iza­tions are provid­ing to the com­munity. See how we use this effect­ive medium to grow aware­ness for worthy causes.
Special Event Videos
Forgo the long–winded speeches that will have attendees at your gala event yawning into their cocktail napkins. Special event videos add life, intimacy, excitement and production value to any grand event—and BACIPIX stories have a touching and memorable style all of their own.
With more than 20 years of expe­rience in tele­vision, Emmy Award–win­ning BACIPIX produces broad­cast–quality pro­grams that have aired nationally.
Business Communications
BACIPIX produces dy­namic videos for businesses that do good work for the com­munity. We offer di­rect market­ing, pro­mo­tional, informa­tional, and in–house commu­nication spots all done in dy­namic and memorable BACIPIX style.
A Lot in Common is the Documentary Unit at BACIPIX. The documentary style is our signature tech­nique in bringing any story to life, and these are the projects where we develop our ever–evolving voice. We aspire to get to the heart of the human experience by capturing the vivid images and unique voices of real people and the matters of universal importance that engage them.
Fine & Performing Arts
BACIPIX is thrilled to docu­ment the work of act­ors, sing­ers, danc­ers, fine art­ists and musi­cians through our video projects. We've docu­mented the journey of both estab­lished and emerging talents, from lively behind–the–scenes prep to tri­umphant appear­ance on the stage and in the gal­lery, reveal­ing along the way the power­ful heart of the crea­tive process.
Humor can lend an unexpected high­point to an organi­zation's gather­ings! In this series of silly, fun and tongue–in–cheek videos commis­sioned by Sequoia Hospital, BACIPIX shows its lighter side purely to enter­tain at the hospi­tal's large annual events.
Bringing good works to light
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