Aerial Photography—Uh-oh! 

One highpoint of the most recent Hawai'i shoot for "Toward Living Pono" was getting aerial shots of the volcanically active Pu'u O'o vent. Since heights are not my thing (terrified the whole time!) it was good to have production assistant Sean Fujiyoshi and brother Chad along for moral support and backup photography. Blue Hawaiian pilot Kimo was great.

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In the Line of Duty 

Last Friday the 13th I was running--literally--to meet the deadline on a profile of the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance for their recognition by Sustainable San Mateo County. I was all ready and waiting for their shuttle bus to pull up next to the train station--but discovered at the last minute that I was on the wrong side of the tracks! Three blocks away in the distance I see the shuttle cross under the overpass headed for the other side. I raced down to the crosswalk--lugging the gear, as the train was pulling into the station--and made it to the correct bus stop just as passengers were loading in.

What I didn't notice, was...well take a look.

With scraped elbows and bruised ego I managed to follow the shuttle on a few stops, racing around town. Here's the finished segment, which shows how the "magic of editing" can save a scene (if not always the camera guy) from the cutting room floor. Ouch!
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Work-in-Progress Screening of "Toward Living Pono" at HIFF '08 
On October 12, it was a privilege to hold the first public screening of our work-in-progress of "Toward Living Pono" at the 2008 Louis Vuitton Hawaiian International Film Festival in Honolulu. Organizers Chuck Boller and Anderson Le had graciously accepted our rough cut for exhibition at their prestigious event, giving us the chance to gauge audience interest and test the waters with local publicity—and I'm pleased to announce that our sneak peek showing was a great success!

Beloved Honolulu KITV news anchor Pamela Young surprised us by popping in right before the tape rolled to wish us luck and presented us with leis, Hawaiian style. I was really touched by this thoughtful gesture, what an honor.

Moviegoers packed the Regal Dole Cannery Theater venue and seemed to enjoy the cut. Jason, his wife Diana and mother Sylvia and friends were there, and Jason joined me and co-producer Roland Joseph Torres for a Q&A session after the program. We had to be kicked out to make room for the next film!

It was particularly gratifying that as a result of significant positive audience response, the Festival scheduled a second screening the following Sunday, October 19. Another packed theater seemed to enjoy this showing, too. There was really productive audience feedback during Q&A and I got the chance to chat with audience members at length at the "Critics Corner" in the lobby for a long while afterward.

Local Hawai'i media gave us some great coverage, including TV news features and a mention in Honolulu papers.

The work-in-progress is set to screen on the Big Island at the beautiful Palace Theater in downtown Hilo on Friday, November 7th at 5:30 PM as part of the E Malama 'Aina Festival kickoff event. The festival is being presented by co-producer Roland Joseph Torres, pictured here with award-winning musician and teacher Kainani Kahaunaele, who was kind enough to give us an interview about her efforts as an instructor of Hawaiian language at UH Hilo, where the photo was taken. But more on that later!

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Welcome to the revised website and to the first installment of the BACIPIX Blog! We realized that a blog would be a great way to stay in touch with our video production family and to get the word out about the goings-on here at the studio. It's a good idea! The blog will document our increasing strides producing high-quality videos throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as well as our work for Northern California public television broadcast and national public TV documentary efforts that are taking us from the Big Island of Hawai'i to Washington, D.C.

It's going to be a lot of fun!

This is an especially exciting time for us as we make the transition to High Definition video and complete a major re-tooling of the edit suite and field package, our biggest upgrade since we began as independents 12 years ago. Demand for video is increasing with the rise of You Tube and clients' desire to have more of an online presence for their organizations. A challenging economy is also motivating many to turn to video as they reach out with fundraising efforts. As a smaller, affordable yet highly experienced team we are in a unique position to offer top quality service at a great price.

But enough business talk. This blog is going to be a chance to share the back stories, adventures, and just plain funny situations we encounter as we're running around capturing fascinating people doing important work in the wonderfully diverse communities and stunning outdoor spaces of our beautiful home.
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World Renown Biologist Corrects my Grammar on Camera 
One high point during a year that has been full of them was the opportunity to meet Dr. Jane Goodall while working on the tribute to Grace Cathedral's Dean Alan Jones, who will be retiring in December. KQED's Don Derheim was kind enough to refer me to the Cathedral and I've had the joy of working with Brent Andrew and Heidi Zuhl in the Public Relations Department there since 2006.

The plan for the tribute was simple: Talk to Alan's friends about his accomplishments. But what a list of friends! We had the honor of speaking with Grace Cathedral board members and colleagues, renown theologian Huston Smith, S.F. Opera Music Director Donald Runnicles, Mayor Willie Brown, A.C.T. Artistic Director Carey Perloff and others.

But as a childhood fan of her captivating television specials with the chimps of Tanzania's Gombe National Reserve, our interview with Dr. Jane Goodall held a very special place in my heart! What fun to meet a childhood hero, if only briefly. She was very gracious and made a point of introducing her stuffed animal companion, "Mr. H," to each of the crewmembers. We all dutifully patted his head as invited.

Dr. Goodall really rose to the occasion and was fantastic on camera, which isn't surprising considering she has been making television throughout her career. But imagine how I felt as she found fault and corrected me, in no uncertain terms, about my composition on the cue cards, viewable in this clip!

We made the changes right away!
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