In the Line of Duty 

Last Friday the 13th I was running--literally--to meet the deadline on a profile of the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance for their recognition by Sustainable San Mateo County. I was all ready and waiting for their shuttle bus to pull up next to the train station--but discovered at the last minute that I was on the wrong side of the tracks! Three blocks away in the distance I see the shuttle cross under the overpass headed for the other side. I raced down to the crosswalk--lugging the gear, as the train was pulling into the station--and made it to the correct bus stop just as passengers were loading in.

What I didn't notice, was...well take a look.

With scraped elbows and bruised ego I managed to follow the shuttle on a few stops, racing around town. Here's the finished segment, which shows how the "magic of editing" can save a scene (if not always the camera guy) from the cutting room floor. Ouch!


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